Admin Interface Features



WAN Configuration: Automatic IP, Static IP, PPPoE Client

DDNS Cloud Access: Enable/Disable – Get a working domain name for remote interface access

Firewall Module: Incoming traffic Firewall, Port Forwarding, DMZ Host

URL/Website Filtering: Blacklist Mode, Whitelist Mode

LAN Settings: LAN IP Address, LAN Network Isolation, DHCP Server settings

DHCP Leases: Lease Table



Connected Devices: Interface, MAC, Rx/Tx Rate, Uptime, Signal strength, Last IP, Encryption, Block MAC Button

Devices Graph: Based on hour, day, week, month, year, all time

Radio Setting: Operation, Transmit power, Frequency, channel width

Local Wireless: Operation, SSID name, Scheduler, Encryption Settings

Guest Wireless: Operation, SSID name, Scheduler, Encryption Settings



Guest Session: Guest user time limit, guest user bandwidth, global guest network bandwidth

Active Guests: IP, MAC, Uptime, Download, Upload, Kick User Button

Guest Network Hosts: IP, MAC, Uptime, DHCP Client, Active guest, Bypass portal button

Walled Garden: Add, Remove domains

Guest Feedback: Operation, Feedback Time, Feedback Timeout

Guest Ethernet port: Operation, VLAN Tagging settings, Scheduler, PoE Output control



CAPTIVE PORTAL – Captive Portal Page

Theme selector, Video auto play selection, Photos as Sliders selection

Page Texts: Title editor, Welcome text editor, Terms Text editor, Buttons title editor,

Company Information: Page title, Phone, Fax, E-mail, Copyright footer text


CAPTIVE PORTAL – Authentication Page

Options: Free Guest Access, Facebook Login, E-Mail Connect, Username authentication, SMS Authentication via SMS Global

Page Texts: Texts customization

SMS Validation Page: Page text customization

Terms & Privacy Page: Texts customization


CAPTIVE PORTAL – Connected Page

Options: Seconds Before redirection, Redirection URL

Page Texts: Text customization

Social links: Facebook, twitter, Google, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram


CAPTIVE PORTAL – Feedback Page

Options: Seconds before redirection, Minimum rating for redirection, Redirection URL

Page Texts: Text customization, Thank you page text customization



Themes: Gray, Black, Brown, Dark blue, Custom background

Theme Color editor: Main text, main background, main content background, Link text, Link text hoover, Button, Button text, Button Hoover, Border color, Header background, main text background


CAPTIVE PORTAL – Photos & Video

Photos: Upload or remove logo, Upload or remove: photo 1, photo 2, photo 3, photo 4, footer logo

Upload or remove banner for connected page, Upload or remove custom photo (custom background photo theme only)

Video: Upload or remove Video


CAPTIVE PORTAL – Portal Backup

Backup/Restore: Import from backup file, export portal to backup file



Login Type Graph: E-mail, Facebook, SMS, Username – time based on hour, day, week, month, year, all time

Active graph: Time based on hour, day, week, month, year, all time

Username Management:  Add/Edit user, Generate random users, Validity Settings (from, valid after first login),  Printing options with custom margins (fits also small thermal printers)

Username Stats:  Full name, Username, First login, Last login, MAC Address, Valid From, Valid Until, Export options

Facebook Users: Full name, E-mail, Gender, First login, Last login, MAC Address, Visit Count, Export options

Mobile Users: Mobile number, First login, Last login, MAC Address, Visit Count, Export options

Email Users: Email address, First login, Last login, MAC Address, Visit Count, Export options

Ratings: Guest Identity, Date & Time, Rating, Comments, Export Options

Data Retention: Enable/Disable, Facebook Login User Data, Email Connect User Data, Mobile/SMS User Data, Period to retain user data

FTP Uploader: Selection to upload – Email, Facebook, Mobile, Usernames. Set time to upload, Host, FTP Username, FTP Password, Folder name on FTP, FTP Server Port, Interval for update (daily, weekly, monthly)

Mailchimp Synchronization: Mailchimp API Key, Mailchimp List ID, Facebook & Email Checkboxes, Sync interval in minutes



Add/Edit Coupon: Discount Coupon Title,  Is Active checkbox, Send to Email Users Checkbox, Send to Facebook Users Checkbox, Send to Mobile Users Checkbox. Send FROM – UNTIL (date), Amount (Currency or percentage), Guest Visit Count to Generate and send coupon code, Send Coupon after generation time, Coupon Validity (Custom range or validity based on day count after delivery)

Email Coupon Settings: Email Subject, Email Image (upload to our shared space), Email main text (can also add external images),  Coupon Code title text, Coupon Amount title text, Coupon valid from title text, Coupon valid until title text, Email extra text field (footer)

SMS Coupon Settings: Coupon code custom texts

Coupon Settings: Enable/Disabled Email Coupons, SMTP Server and Sender name/email configuration, SMSGlobal API and SMS Sender name configuration, Coupon Manager Password (separate user account)




Maintenance: Firmware update, Reboot, Restore to factory

Time & Region: Time zone selection

Security: Admin Password, Session time

Led Controller: RGB Color & Intensity, Logo Intensity

Ping Diagnostic Tool: Destination host, packet size, packet count