PointX CM Cloud

Centralized Management platform for WAVER products


Remote Captive Portal, Campaigns, device configuration and User data management


Especially designed for chain stores and Service providers managing multi-location Guest WiFi



Minimal configuration needed on client site. No complex configuration, just plug the Internet


Grant to employees or customers access with limited permissions and privileges

How PointX CM works?

WAVER products are completely standalone devices, which means that no subscription or license that needs to be renewed is required. You can manage a device using the local web interface, or if you have multiple devices, centrally through a single cloud account. PointX CM is a cloud platform that allows administrators to remotely manage multiple WAVER products in one place. No mater where WAVER Guest WiFi Hotspots are located, this tool gives the ability to administrators to configure the devices remotely and access all stored data from a single location. Administrators have the ability to customize captive portal contents and appearance, edit guest session/time settings, Wi-Fi settings or even lock remotely WAVER devices based on schedule. Captured guest user data from Facebook Login, Email Connect, Mobile Login, Username Authentication etc. can be synced with PointX CM based on the configuration of each sync profile. Initial configuration of remote devices requires minimal configuration on client side, which makes the system perfect for managing multiple devices/hotspots in remote, retail chain environment or SaaS business model under your brand with separate sync profile/settings for each customer.


Key Features

  • Reduces the work required to configure the system remotely
  • Simplifies and automates system maintenance tasks
  • Centralized remote device settings and guest user data management
  • Centralized remote management of Captive Portal content, appearance and settings
  • Secure Encrypted 128-bit AES Communication between remote devices and PointX CM
  • Schedule or instant remote device locking: Disable interfaces, WiFi, Ethernet, Reset (SaaS business model)
  • White-label: Branded PointX Administration interface: Logo, Titles, Login page
  • Analytical Statistics and Graphs with advanced data filtering capabilities
  • Unlimited Sync Profiles – Multiple Hotspot deployments managed in one place
  • Multi-level Limited access and management user accounts: Profile and page access based
  • HTTP API for third party user data management
  • Minimal configuration needed on client site (plug & play on remote side)




Remote Management Capabilities
(on each profile)

  • User data syncing: Email, Facebook, Mobile, User/pass, Free, Login Logs
  • Centralized User/pass credentials management (applies centrally also for time/data limits)
  • Real time Active Guest monitoring on remote devices
  • Guest feedback system user feedback logging and management
  • WiFi Management: Radio operation & TX Power, Local WiFi SSID/WPA2, Guest WiFi SSID/WPA2
  • Captive Portal: Preview, Splash page, Authentication, SMS Validation, Terms, Feedback, Languages, Theme Editor, Images & Videos
  • Campaign Manager: Email/SMS Automation, Email/SMS Discount Coupons, Email/SMS Connectivity settings
  • Payment Portal: Payment plans, Settings, Appearance (Texts, Images, SMS Texts)
  • Guest Network: Bandwidth & Device Limits, Time Session Limits, Walled Garden, Guest Ethernet, VLAN Settings
  • Device Settings: Data Retention Policy, Time & Region, Security, Remote Device Lock feature (scheduled or instant)
  • Device Maintenance: Hardware Information, Firmware update and system reboot


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