Waver ControlX

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  • Waver ControlX is a cost-effective, Dual-WAN Hotspot gateway designed for professionals who need to deploy large-scale WiFi Hotspots. It has all the features of Waver SmartOne and all the features needed to provide high speed connectivity, enhanced reliability and centralized management for other SmartOne devices, all packed in a compact 1U factor aluminium chassis. It supports unlimited guest devices connected concurrently on the hotspot network and up to 2Gbps WAN throughput.



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  • Extra Features (compared to SmartOne)
      • Ideal for Large scale deployments (Service Providers, Malls, Resorts, Ships, Public Places, Airports, etc.)
      • Aluminium 1U Rack-mountable chassis
      • 2x WAN with Load-Balance/Link Failover
      • 2x Power Supply Units for redundancy
      • Supports Unlimited guest devices connected concurrently
      • Up to 2Gbps throughput (1.4 GHz Quad-Core CPU)
      • Can store internally up to 500K user data entries
      • Advanced Firewall and DoS Attack protection
      • PointX Centralized Management Platform


  • Basic Features:
      • User friendly Administration Interface for easy configuration and management
      • Responsive Guest Captive Portal with six fully customizable themes
      • Integrated Captive Portal Editor – Custom Texts, Colors, Buttons, Images, Video, Logos, Copyright Texts, Hyperlinks etc.
      • Custom Terms – Privacy texts and User Data retention policy settings
      • Guest device session, speed and time limits
      • Multiple Guest Login Options with data capturing: Free, Email, Facebook Login, Mobile/SMS, User/pass and Paid Access
      • Analytical Statistics and Graphs with Export and third-party synchronization options
      • User data synchronization: MailChimp List or scheduled periodic upload to FTP Server
      • Printable custom user/pass tickets using your business logo, titles, texts and validity settings
      • 10-Star Customizable Guest Rating System with comments and redirection capabilities
      • Prepaid Internet plans via the integrated payment portal using PayPal or credit card as checkout methods
      • Automated Email and SMS Discount Coupon Code system
      • Limited access user account for Coupon Code Manager and User Manager
      • User/pass management from third-party software via API
      • Scheduled Ethernet Guest Port operation
      • Separate Guest and Local Networks with VLAN Support
      • VLAN Tagging (Protocols IEEE 802.1Q/C-Tag 802.11ad)
      • Works with any Access Point/AP Controller



      • PointX – Centralized Management Platform

        Remote management solution for SmartOne Devices
      • A great tool especially designed for chain stores and IT Service providers is coming for free as part of ControlX!
        It provides remote captive portal centralized content management capabilities and user data syncing for multiple Hotspot locations. No mater where SmartOne devices are operating, this new platform gives the ability to configure them remotely and access all stored data from a single location. Administrators have the ability to customize remotely captive portal contents and appearance, edit guest session/time settings, Wi-Fi settings, lock the devices based on schedule etc. Captured guest user data like Facebook, Emails, Mobiles, Usernames, Payment plans, Login Logs etc. will be synced automatically between multiple SmartOne devices and ControlX based on the configuration.