Waver SmartOne WAC52N

329.00 excl. VAT

Waver SmartOne is a reliable, high capacity, dual band wireless router with advanced hotspot and guest management capabilities. It features an easy to use and manage administration interface that is designed to fulfil the most demanding needs of small and mid-sized businesses in the hospitality industry. WAC52N model supports up to 200 Active guest users connected concurrently via wireless and Ethernet guest interfaces.

SKU: 1408-1


  • User friendly Administration Interface for easy configuration and management
  • Fully Responsive Guest Captive Portal with five customizable themes
  • Integrated Drag and Drop Captive Portal Editor – Editable Texts, Colors, Buttons, Images, Video, Logos, Copyright Texts, Hyperlinks etc.
  • Custom Terms – Privacy texts and User Data retention policy settings
  • User data collection capabilities: Facebook Login, Email, Mobile (SMS Authentication)
  • Can manage up to 200 Guest Users connected concurrently
  • Guest network Bandwidth and Time user Limits
  • Analytical Statistics and Graphs with Export options
  • User data synchronization: Mailchimp List or scheduled periodic upload to FTP Server
  • 10-Star Guest Rating System with comments and redirection capabilities. (Stored internally)
  • Automated Email and SMS Discount Coupon Code Generation, Delivery and management
  • Integrated Dual-Band 733 Mbps AC WiFi
  • Scheduled WiFi and Ethernet Guest Port operation (Weekly based)
  • Separate Guest and Local Networks (2x Guest SSID, 2x Local SSID, 4x LAN Ports, 1x Guest Port PoE Capable)
  • Ideal solution for Public Places, Shops, Hotels, Bars, Restaurants