Release Notes for CTRX-110

Release notes for Version 1.7 – (17/02/2020)
Includes PointX CM Version 1.0 Beta

Added PointX Centralized Management platform for Waver Devices with the following features:
– Encrypted 256-bit AES secure communication over HTTP port between server and remote devices
– Behind NAT connectivity (no public IP, VPN or forwarding needed on remote site)
– Support for unlimited devices and management profiles
– Centralized remote user data capture and management
– Centralized remote management of Captive Portal appearance and settings
– Centralized remote device settings management
– Limited access and management user accounts: Profile and page access based
– Lock remote devices on schedule: Disable admin interfaces, WiFi, Ethernet, Buttons
– Branded PointX Administration interface: Logo, Titles, Login page
– Analytical Statistics and Graphs with advanced filtering capabilities
– HTTP API for third party user data management (per user privilege API)
– Auto-login user roaming feature between Hotspots of devices in the same profile
– Real-time Active Guests monitoring on remote devices
– User data syncing: Email, Facebook, Mobile, User/pass, Free, Login Logs
– Unlimited sync Profiles – Separate Hotspot deployments managed in one place

Centralized management capabilities (on each profile):
– Device Settings, Management Passwords, Time zones, Data Retention, Mailchimp Sync
– WiFi SSID and WPA2 Key, Ethernet Operation, VLAN and Guest Network session settings
– Captive portal appearance, content (texts, images, videos) and configuration
– Payment Portal appearance and payment plans management