Release Notes for WAC52G+

Release notes for Version 1.9 – (02/09/2020)

Added Digital Menu system with the following features:

– Custom appearance: Layout, Texts, Colors, Fonts etc.
– Flexible management: Unlimited variants, categories and menu items
– Product rating: Realtime guest rating system for menu items
– Multilingual support: Ability to translate texts to 140 languages
– Whitelabel solution: Custom logo, footer, background images etc.
Direct order: Guest ordering feature and Realtime order handling
– Location identification: Location check via Unique ID and QR code
– Checkout: Ability to pay via PayPal, Credit Card or Cash
– Order handling:  Order management, printing, limited access account
– Admin Reporting: Sales reports and detailed order logging

Added: Captive Portal – Live! Menu button that points to Digital Menu system
Improved: Main Login page: Page layout and icons
Improved: Campaign Manager: Custom SMS/Email content handling

After update, the boot process may take up to 4 minutes to complete.
DO NOT disconnect or power off the device until boot process finishes up