Release Notes for WAC52N

Release notes for Version 1.4 – (25/02/2019)

Added: User Manager – Ability to apply data transfer limits to users (on users table, prepaid plans, ticket generation)
Added: User Manager – Transfered down/up data statistics for username credentials
Added: User Manager – Custom print field for user traffic limit in printing layout
Added: API – Ability to set data transfer limits for users
Added: API – Ability to fetch users lists in array
Added: API – Ability to delete users
Added: Statistics – New vs Returning guests chart
Improved: Captive Portal mobile authentication form
Improved: Appearance changes in users table
Improved: Active guest list table
Improved: Charts on payment portal
Removed: Payment method from transactions table

After update, the boot process may take up to 4 minutes to complete.
DO NOT disconnect or power off the device until boot process finishes up!

Release notes for Version 1.3 – (05/10/2018)

Added User Manager interface with the following features:
– Payment portal: Ability to offer prepaid internet access using PayPal as payment processor
– Payment portal: Ability to send credentials via custom SMS on successful subscription
– Payment portal settings: Custom texts, logo, background, SMS texts, subscription texts
– Payment plans: Custom texts and titles, PayPal button shapes-sizes and color, edit currency and prices, define plan time validity etc.
– Payment statistics: PayPal checkout table and revenue graphs (exportable)
– HTTP API: Integration with third-party software for user/pass management purposes
– Printable user tickets: Custom logo, titles, texts, printing margins etc.
– Ticket generation: Quick user/pass generation and printing
– Manager account: Limited access to user management and ticket generation
– Logs: Payment portal, admin and manager actions in User Manager

Added: RF Country selection – Europe (ETSI), North America (FCC), Asia, South Africa, United Arab Emirates
Added: Time range filtering option for all user tables
Added: Captive Portal – Two new custom extra fields in Email Connect
Added: Captive Portal – Three new custom extra fields in Mobile Connect
Added: Captive Portal – New theme Custom Background Minimal (no terms)
Added: Captive Portal – Auto login options for already logged in users
Added: Captive portal – Custom Paid Access button option with redirection to payment portal
Added: Free users login Statistics with export options
Added: Log for all login types, Client IP Address, MAC and device vendor with export options
Added: Data Retention settings for login log and Free users
Added: FTP Upload options for login log and Free users
Added: Block table on guest network hosts – Ability to block any unwanted devices in the guest network
Improved: Blocked List functionality on WiFi devices table
Improved: Allowed List functionality on guest network hosts table
Improved: Graphs appearance and time range changes (Last hour changed to Last 2 Hours)
Improved: Facebook Login flow to match new platform requirements
Changed: Data retention settings moved to SYSTEM page
Changed: Active guests graph moved to GUEST NETWORK page
Changed: SMS Settings moved to CAPTIVE PORTAL – AUTHENTICATION page under ADVANCED tab
Fixed: VLAN Error reading checkbox value when “VLAN Traffic Only” was selected
Removed: User genre from Facebook Login data (Compliance with Facebook policy for user data processing)
Removed: User credentials management from admin interface (moved to User Manager)

After update, the boot process may take up to 4 minutes to complete.
DO NOT disconnect or power off the device until boot process finishes up!

Release notes for Version 1.2 – (14/06/2018)

Added: Coupon code generation and delivery system (Email/SMS Coupon codes)
Added: Coupon code management system (separate login page with limited account)
Added: Coupon management options: Coupon Email/SMS texts, Currency or percentage amount selection, Code validity period, Code sending period, Send after period, Visits for sending, Email images etc.
Added: Visit count for guests in Email, Mobile and Facebook user tables
Added: Extra optional field in Email Connect (Extra user comment collected in db)
Added: Extra optional field in Feedback Page (Extra user comment collected in db )
Added: Ability to use a custom image as footer logo in captive portal
Added: Separate time, bandwidth and device limits for Username Authentication
Added: Maximum device limits for Username Authentication
Added: Extra validity check field “from” in Username Authentication
Added: Separate Feedback redirection settings for Username Authentication
Added: Remember User/pass feature for Username Authentication
Improved: Username ticket margins in print layout
Improved: Some appearance changes in user tables
Improved: Image and video upload management
Fixed: Session timeout issues in admin page
Fixed: SMS Testing connectivity response issue

After update, the boot process may take up to 4 minutes to complete.
DO NOT disconnect or power off the device until boot process finishes up!

Release notes for Version 1.1 – (24/04/2018)

Added: VLAN Tagging on Guest Ethernet Port
Added: Walled Garden for Guest Network
Added: Free DDNS Service for cloud access with Dynamic IP
Added: Automatic User Data deletion feature (EU GDPR Requirement)
Added: Guest Login Type info on main page and on active guests page
Improved: Menu Appearance
Improved: Data Tables Appearance and buttons
Improved: Resource Management (lower CPU Usage)
Fixed: Data Tables Sorting Issues